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We are please to introduce you to our new wallpaper collection.

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Nature skin is inspired by the beauties of the amazon.

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Minimalist Contemporary Living Room, clean and cozy.

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Minimalist contemporary may sound redundant but when you see how different contemporary interiors can look like, you’ll know what we mean.

Clean simple lines, neutral color schemes, and streamlined furnishings are quite easy to work with. Put them all together and add a few statement accents like chandeliers or artworks. That’s all it takes.

Interiors by Steven G

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5 Living Rooms That Demonstrate Stylish Modern Design Trends

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From material to lighting to layouts, interior design trends move in and out of style at an amazing pace. This post features five living rooms that embrace current best practices but in ways that will likely remain appealing for years to come. Some of these spaces are subdued and subtle, sparking interest without overwhelming the eye. Others take a bolder approach yet reduce risk by anchoring their designs around traditional features or palettes. Most importantly, these living rooms explore the ideas most popular in contemporary design without blending into one homogeneous group – each has its own distinctive personality.

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Let’s start with an uplifting pastel design. This cheerful white living room uses pale yellow as a primary accent, with many colors of the rainbow appearing throughout. The layout is open but wraps around a central volume in an L-shape for better division. Abundant windows don’t sacrifice any privacy at all thanks to the huge hedges outside.

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Stunning feature lighting guides the eye from one functional area to the next. Here, the sofa arrangement basks in the light of the Skygarden lamp by Marcel Wanders. Artwork behind the dining table incorporates some of the colors found in the living room.

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Live the way you love.

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We face the challenge to build unforgetable spaces, beautifull, hitech and fully functional. Just to find your perfect moments at the perfect place, your home.